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Why I Learned To Read Body Language

Posted on August 31, 2017

I remember while being in high school during my teens, I was a very sporty guy, but yet very shy. I had no issues with talking to girls in general, but come a girl that I really liked, then I became a complete mess.

Rewind forward a few year, we ended up going to reunion dinners and meeting up with old schools mates and I discovered that a handful of girls would tell me that during school years they found me quite attractive. I was blown away, I had no idea.


Was it because these girls tried their hardest not to show their interest in me or was it because I was completely blind to any signs? I suspect it was the latter!

So I set out to try out an experiment and really analyzed girl's behaviours. The first thing was to do a little research online when I came across an article on spotting the signs that she likes you
It contained information on reading her body language and that is what I decided to focus on.

So what did I learn?

Body Positioning

Being interested in anything means you naturally want to approach it... it is human nature and you do it without realizing it. Conversely, being put off by something mean you have a tendency to steer away from it.
If interested, you will notice that her head, torso and feet will all be facing you... it is like she wants direct access to look right at you.

body language

There are subtle differences in body language between liking you and not

Fidgeting & Nervousness

If she starts playing with her hair, fidgeting with her drink / straw, it is a sign of being nervous... but a good nervous. She is essentially saying "I like you, but do not know how to act around you".
The best thing you can do is make her laugh and put her at ease. This will make her more comfortable and allow the conversation to flow more.

Eye Contact

Sometimes looking down can be a sign of nervousness and she does not quite know how to look at you, but conversely the opposite can happen when she looks deep into your eyes for longer than the average 3 seconds

Licking Of The Lips

No, I do not mean the over the top sexy pout followed by a round house licking of the lips. Should you experience that, then I would suggest to run a mile.
I am referring to when there is a involuntary slight showing of the tongue on the lips and she will do it when you are looking at her.

What I discovered?

Man, I can tell you that once you practice this behavior, you really see things in a different light. You will be amazed how many women are not interested, but more importantly, you will be able to spot the ones that do.... and believe me there are a lot more who like you than you would have ever imagined.

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Drones You Should Know About

Posted on December 11, 2015

I am filming in the California desert with YouTube's Field Day crew and a drone. Now if we see any other aircraft flying near here, we are going to be grounding immediately, because that's the safe thing to do. There's a small municipal airport a few miles away, but there's no traffic, and visibility's perfect today. Here is a rather scary statistic.

Reviewing close encounters with drones

In the US, there are more than 100 close encounters between drones and manned aircraft every month this year. That means that the plane or helicopter was close enough that its pilot could spot the drone visually, because they don't show on radar. Now anyone can pick up a drone these days, just look at all the drone reviews of the top drones out there.


Quadcopters are common

Now, given that there are 30,000 passenger flights every day in the US, that's not much cause for alarm. That's only about 1 in 10,000 pilots who even see a drone, let alone get close to one, but there are tales of drones swooping past passenger aircraft as they're coming in to land, just to get a good picture, and fire-fighting helicopters being grounded until some jerk with a drone stops putting his YouTube hit count above actually fighting the fire. In the UK, you need permission to operate a filming drone commercially ... Even if that's just with YouTube ads ... And you need special approval to operate within 50 meters of anyone or any building that you aren't in complete control of.

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How to meet women – In 10 Easy steps

Posted on October 24, 2013

It’s not very difficult to meet women of your dream and all you need is an opportunity. However some people are not very lucky in this case and find it difficult to meet a woman because of lack of confidence or being too shy. Are you one of them? Do not worry, this article covers all necessary steps and explain "how to meet women". It will definitely help you out.

Where to look

The location is probably one of most important factor, if you live at a place where the population is less than it will decrease your chances of meeting a woman. The best place to find women are amusement parks, coffee shop, bars and finally the densely populated areas.

Tips To Having A Great Date With A Girl

Posted on April 7, 2011

You get blessed to come across a picturesque female ; you're particularly fortunate if you make it way past the level of breaking the ice with the said gal; you are even more blessed if you contend to save her cellular phone number; but nonetheless, might you be able to surge your success for very first date? You keep in mind that you may not have much more chance and particularly due to the fact that you do not have the tiniest idea on how to have a great date with a girl...

So why is it very important to have a superb date?

Save for if you are keen on building an earnest relationship with the female, you'll find it very important that your 1st date with the woman is the best it could conceivably be, lest it leaves an indelible imprint that will surely be difficult to rub off.

By simply having an incredible date with the lady, you basically step-up your likelihood of gaining further (consequent) dates with her, not to mention permit it to be easier for your date to like you, for the fact that she was pleased with your company and had lots of fun spending time with you.

Having a good date with almost any woman

A prominent way to warranty that you have an excellent date with pretty much any female is by getting to know her tastes and wishes, in this way you should easily choose the right place for your date, and just the right activities so as to have a good date out.

In the event that you are unsure of precisely what would interest her, be sure to inquire that from her, albeit not too bluntly, or straight up for you expect it to be an extraordinary surprise. An effective way to find out how to have a great date with a girl is by discovering as much as you are able to about the lady, engaging her in awesome conversations ornamented with hilarity plus truthfulness.

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how to have a great date with a girl step 3

how to have a great date with a girl step 4

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how to have a great date with a girl step 6

how to have a great date with a girl step 7

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Aspects About A Man That Women Instantly Respond To

Posted on March 27, 2011

It may possibly have taken quite a few gents years and years to unearth what women notice in guys, yet for others, they might be still to solve that dilemma - nonetheless, any time you understand adult females even by a small percentage, you would not be shocked by this truth.

So what might it be that women normally don't respond to?

A good place to commence with might be what gals commonly do not respond to… An extended record this can be, but there are certain notables which you should refrain from.

Ladies do not respond to outrageous cockiness which you claim to be self-confidence or self-belief - and for this reason, get your borderlines perfectly mainly because this may well be your ruination.

If you’re a needy man, then you certainly will encounter complications… The reality is, loneliness appeals to company, and if your desperate mindset scores for you with all the girls you come across, you then most likely are attracting your relatives in as much as your “clinging” goes.

Are you able to develop what women respond to?

It is highly easy to be that guy that any girl would respond to, and when you step aside from your comfort zone and understand that it requires getting totally different to receive fascinating responses from the adult females you encounter.

Might you be that sensitive man that acknowledges ladies just like the gems they are, or that responsive guy that’s unafraid to present this aspect in spite of the “andro-alpha” in his manliness? In the event that your answer to that question is "Definitely", then you’ve got "game" which indeed is what women respond to…

what women notice in guys step 1

what women notice in guys step 2

what women notice in guys step 3

what women notice in guys step 4

what women notice in guys step 5

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what women notice in guys step 7

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