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How to meet women – In 10 Easy steps

Posted on October 24, 2013

It’s not very difficult to meet women of your dream and all you need is an opportunity. However some people are not very lucky in this case and find it difficult to meet a woman because of lack of confidence or being too shy. Are you one of them? Do not worry, this article covers all necessary steps and explain "how to meet women". It will definitely help you out.

Where to look

The location is probably one of most important factor, if you live at a place where the population is less than it will decrease your chances of meeting a woman. The best place to find women are amusement parks, coffee shop, bars and finally the densely populated areas.

being rejected

Take advantage of social media and dating sites

Nowadays joining online dating websites is very effective and help man to find woman of his choice. Make your online profile approachable and neat. Write few lines about yourself, your hobbies etc as this will increase your chances to meet a woman of similar interests. Don’t lie about your age, upload your original photograph and beware of fake profiles. Social networking websites like Facebook can also help you to meet a woman. If you like someone and she has profile on Facebook than you can send her friend request but before that make sure to add some of her friend to your friend list. This will increase the chances of accepting your request by her as you two will have some mutual friends. Once she accepts the request, don’t jump directly to the conversation as this will create bad impression. First thank her for accepting the request and then proceed with formal conversation.

Maintain a good personality

Good personality always help to attract woman, join some local gym and maintain good body. When looking for women, wear clothes that suit your personality, style your hair and make sure to take bath otherwise you will be needing a perfume.

Be confident

Be confident while meeting someone new, remember it’s just a conversation and not an interview for job. Who knows she may be your future girlfriend. Do not hesitate as it will create bad impression. Maintain an eye contact and be polite while talking.

Try to connect

If the women is friendly in nature, try to find out what she actually like. Let her speak, this will help you to better understand her. Also explain yourself to her but make sure not to speak too much. Don’t act like you are desperate for her in the first meeting, just try to be friendly.

Take help of your friends

Taking help of friends (both male and female) is always a good idea when you are searching for someone. In case if your friends know any single women searching for a date, ask them to organize a meeting between two of you. Also make sure to get some info about the women, her likes and dislikes from your friends. This will help you to get prepared for your first conversation.

Be honest

When you meet a women, be honest. Don’t lie about your profession, age or family. It’s always better to speak the truth and good for future relationship. In this way you will find someone who really care for you.

Don’t look desperate

When you meet a women first time, don’t look desperate. Start with normal conversation and maintain an eye contact, don’t ever stare her body or try to get closer as this will end your story before starting. Be a gentleman, remember women always like gentle people.

Offer your help

Make full use of the small opportunities like if you see a women in market with her hand full of bags, offer her help or you can also give her lift. In case if she offers you anything in return, don’t accept it. This will make you gentle in her eyes and help you to further communicate with her.

Don’t be afraid to be rejected

Some people do not try to communicate from women because they fear from being rejected. Remember, if you do not try, you won’t get the results. In case you are rejected than it’s not a big deal, rejection does not mean you are wrong. Stop taking rejections as failure and try again, you will definitely succeed.

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