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Why I Learned To Read Body Language

Posted on August 31, 2017

I remember while being in high school during my teens, I was a very sporty guy, but yet very shy. I had no issues with talking to girls in general, but come a girl that I really liked, then I became a complete mess.

Rewind forward a few year, we ended up going to reunion dinners and meeting up with old schools mates and I discovered that a handful of girls would tell me that during school years they found me quite attractive. I was blown away, I had no idea.


Was it because these girls tried their hardest not to show their interest in me or was it because I was completely blind to any signs? I suspect it was the latter!

So I set out to try out an experiment and really analyzed girl's behaviours. The first thing was to do a little research online when I came across an article on spotting the signs that she likes you
It contained information on reading her body language and that is what I decided to focus on.

So what did I learn?

Body Positioning

Being interested in anything means you naturally want to approach it... it is human nature and you do it without realizing it. Conversely, being put off by something mean you have a tendency to steer away from it.
If interested, you will notice that her head, torso and feet will all be facing you... it is like she wants direct access to look right at you.

body language

There are subtle differences in body language between liking you and not

Fidgeting & Nervousness

If she starts playing with her hair, fidgeting with her drink / straw, it is a sign of being nervous... but a good nervous. She is essentially saying "I like you, but do not know how to act around you".
The best thing you can do is make her laugh and put her at ease. This will make her more comfortable and allow the conversation to flow more.

Eye Contact

Sometimes looking down can be a sign of nervousness and she does not quite know how to look at you, but conversely the opposite can happen when she looks deep into your eyes for longer than the average 3 seconds

Licking Of The Lips

No, I do not mean the over the top sexy pout followed by a round house licking of the lips. Should you experience that, then I would suggest to run a mile.
I am referring to when there is a involuntary slight showing of the tongue on the lips and she will do it when you are looking at her.

What I discovered?

Man, I can tell you that once you practice this behavior, you really see things in a different light. You will be amazed how many women are not interested, but more importantly, you will be able to spot the ones that do.... and believe me there are a lot more who like you than you would have ever imagined.

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