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Must-Know Methods To Break The Ice By Directly Approaching

Posted on March 14, 2011

One of the greatest obstacles that almost all men face with girls they meet is realizing how to break the ice by directly approaching. By using a direct approach, you'll make it so much easier for you to relax and for the girl to open up to you.

You can't afford to not be compelling when breaking the ice by directly approaching

Never use an approach you don't personally believe in - you'll be no different from the salesman who knows not what he's selling! There are certain mistakes that would not only fail to strike her, but also make you look incredibly vague...

  • Not coming strongly but instead with very little self confidence
  • Not making even the least amount of eye contact
  • Hesitating or stuttering over your words

Ask a great deal more questions and allow her to speak more

It's a smart move to let the girl "run" the conversation - it guarantees that you simply speak about what she’s most at ease conversing about. Additionally, it demonstrates to her that her opinion counts, and that you’re interested in whatever she has or needs to say.

Gals cherish speaking, they do it more and better than guys - so give her the chance and she will take it up full-on.

Getting to break the ice can never always be too easy, but in learning how to break the ice by directly approaching, you will be on the safe side.

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