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Reflection – Do You Mean What You Say?

Posted on November 15, 2010

Sometimes guys have a lot of problems communicating exactly what they want. I mean, haven't you ever found yourself in a position where you want to tell a girl that you like her... but you just can't find the words? Instead, you might mention great things about her.. how her hair smells nice or how she's so witty.

All these compliments serve to gently hint that you're interested without actually saying it.

So let's compare what giving compliments does instead of flat out saying: "I like you".


When you give compliments, you are actually raising someone else's value. It means you are impressed with that aspect of them because you rarely encounter it. Usually what happens is that you are lowering your value relative to hers, and therefore reducing your chances creating attraction towards you.

Stating your interest

If you can be bold and state your interest directly, you'll usually appear as confident enough to put it "all out there". When hanging out with a girl, you can easily say: "Hey, you're cute, I like you" which gives her no choice to acknowledge that you're interested. At this point, unless she flat out says "no" or reacts negatively, it's on! Usually girls will be too shy to respond to that and they'll usually ignore it... if this is the case, then just keep on going.

Although I advocate teasing, flirting and playing the game of love, I strongly believe that being straightforward, genuine and direct is a great way to be successful with women. Don't be scared of liking women, it's natural and women will respect you for showing it.

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