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What You Need To Know About Picking Up Girls

Posted on November 25, 2010

Wherever do you feel more comfortable talking to females? You don't have to gulp some tequila shots just to get talking to a lady, but if you have to then your very self-confidence is begging. Mastering the skill in picking up girls really isn't that difficult, just don't push it too hard, you may snap a limb!

Quite a number of men get so afraid of strolling up to a strange girl and starting a conversation with her. The problem with not being confident is that it pongs so much, you can't hide it. In addition, a cowardly man isn't just unlikeable but also not masculine.

You can influence a woman's reaction when picking her up--not by pushing it too much, but by employing a not too subtle but awesome technique. Also, don't make her guess what your motive is...

talking to female step 1

talking to female step 2

talking to female step 3



picking up girls step 1

picking up girls step 2

picking up girls step 3

picking up girls step 4

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